Facts about Colloidal Silver

No, we typically sell our bottles unlabelled, ready for you to label them once they arrive in your country.
We recommend customers print their own labels to ensure compliance with your local regulations. These labels can be sent to us and we will attach them to the bottles prior to shipping for a fee.

Customs in some countries insist that bottles arrive labelled. If this is the case for your country then we can arrange for your order to be labelled prior to shipping.

No, we do not use any stabilizers or additional ingredients at all. There are just 2 ingredients in our product: medical grade distilled water and ionic colloidal silver made using 99.99% pure fine silver electrodes.

Our colloidal silver is approximately 80% ionic silver and 20% colloidal silver particles.

Each batch of colloidal silver is made fresh. Product time can range from a few days to a few weeks depending upon the size of order and our workload that the time of order. We begin production upon receiving a 50% deposit on the order. We will keep you informed of progress as best we can right up until your order is delivered to you.

We recommend that you keep the bottles in a cool place away from excessive heat or direct sunlight. Colloidal silver should not be refrigerated or frozen as this will negatively affect the electrical charge that keeps the silver ions in an active suspension.

When kept according to these simple guidelines our product will maintain its active properties for years.

Any order of 100 bottles and up is considered wholesale.

For wholesale orders we begin production upon receiving a 50% deposit of the total order value. The deposit is usually transferred by international bank wire.

The outstanding 50% is then due once the Bill of Lading is sent to you (thereby confirming that your order is on the ship and on its way to you).

We pride ourselves on producing a first class colloidal silver. We use the purest (laboratory grade) distilled water, industrial quality super fine 99.99% pure silver electrodes and an advanced constant-current source of electricity.

We also use submersible water pump technology which ensures particularly small silver ions size; typically 0.1 – 0.5 microns in diameter. Note that a human hair is typically about 100 microns in width.

We produce our colloidal silver in wholesale volumes at a concentration of approximately 15ppm (parts per million). We have found this strength to be very effective for many applications.

15ppm is a strong enough concentration to be highly effective as an anti-microbial agent, yet still perfectly safe for human applications.

We deliver our products basically only in Thailand.

On special requests we are able to ship our colloidal silver to countries all over the world. Please contact us for a quote and request.

To date we have never had any customer inform us of issues with importing colloidal silver. However, it should be noted that such importing matters are the concern and responsibility of the customer. We encourage our customers to properly investigate this with the appropriate authorities in your country prior to ordering. We take every care to package and prepare each shipment with the necessary documentation to ensure that the goods can clear customs with as little inconvenience as possible.