Our Colloidal Silver

There are many benefits of Colloidal Silver whether taken internally or used externally, so long as it is made correctly.

We firmly believe that colloidal silver should contain just 2 ingredients: pure distilled water and high purity silver ions. We therefore use only laboratory grade ultra pure distilled water and industrial quality 99.99% pure silver (also known as ‘four 9 silver’).

Each batch is carefully measured from start to finish of production to ensure a high level of quality and consistency.

We use the latest constant current technology to produce a truly superior colloidal silver solution. Laboratory tests conclusively show that the micron size of our silver ions are between 0.1 micron and 0.5 micron in size. This is crucial to the effectiveness of colloidal silver, as the smaller the silver ions the more easily they can absorbed by the body and used to neutralize pathogens.

Our bottles are made of food-grade PET plastic. For easy application to the skin and cavities (such as ears, nose, eyes and throat) an additional spray pump is also available. As you can see below, we offer 2 sizes: 450ml and 240ml.

Colloidal Silver Water

Omega Wellness Colloidal Silver

Our production lab is a sealed environment with strict air filtration protocols and standards. The water we use as the base ingredient is RO and UV filtered on-site prior to distillation.

Every batch of Colloidal Silver is carefully measured throughout the production process, to ensure that the end product is a minimum of 15ppm (part per million).

Our research has shown that this strength is both highly effective at disabling microbes and still perfectly safe for human consumption.

This committment to Good Manufacuring Practise and Total Quality Management produces a pure clean Colloidal Silver. Occasionally you will observe what appears to be minor discoloration which is simply an indication of agglomeration, (the binding of nano-particles), the agglomerated particles refract light differently and give the appearance of an amber color to the solution. Clear and Amber coloured colloidal silver are both safe and effective.

Colloidal Silver Water - 2 Bottles